Rental terms

Car's rental terms

Driver's age and documents:

For categories A, B, C, D – the driver’s age must be over 21 years old and a driver’s license must be at least 2 years old.

The maximum driver’s age is 73 years.

The driving license must be issued by the European Union or an International Driving Permit (IDP).

Additional driver: second driver free of charge.

General terms:

– Free unlimited kilometers

– 24/7 Road Assistance all over the island

– At rental pick-up no credit card deposit is required

– In case of cancellation, customers must notify at least 24 hours in advance

– Replacement of the car in case of breakdown

– Transporting and driving the car outside the main island of Crete is not allowed

Pick-up and return the car in Chania is possible to rental 10 and more days!

Insurance inclusive of:

Special Full insurance (C.D.W) with excess. Third Party Insurance (T.P.I) Special Full Insurance against Theft & FirePersonal Accident Insurance (PAI)

All rental extras (Maps, Baby seats)

Local taxes & V.A.T.


Our Insurance does not apply in the following cases:

Driving under the influence of alcohol / drugs. 

Going over a STOP sign or Red light. 
Going over or overtaking on double solid road lines. 
Driving Off the Road (asphalt only road permitted).

Loss of Car Key – 200 euros penalty.

Fines written out by law enforcement agencies

Traffic fines: All fines of which the drivers themselves are guilty are paid solely by the renter.

 Fuel policy:

  • cars are returned with the same fuel level as when delivered.
  • pick up full / return empty – this type of fuel policy means that you will pick up your rental vehicle with a full tank of petrol and will be required to return the vehicle with the petrol tank empty. Charges for fuel are payable at the rental location when you collect your vehicle. As you are paying for your fuel in advance to make the most of the petrol you get (no refunds will be given for unused fuel). We recommend returning the vehicle with as little fuel in the tank as possible.

Baby seats: We provide free baby seats and child booster seats at your request.

Accepted payment methods and costs:

The cost is calculated subject to the delivery and return of the car in the same place.

Also the return can be at any place convenient for you by prior arrangement.

Book Now – Pay Later. Payment upon arrival by cash or credit card (at receipt of the rental car). No deposit is required to book a car except from the period between 01/07 until 15/09 (High season) you can pay before the delivery day by bank (we send you our bank details and you make the deposit). All major credit cards accepted. (VISA, MASTER CARD, e.t.c).

Attention! The road to Balos beach has a 10 km off-road section, insurance does not apply on this road!

Scooter’s Rental Terms

Driver's age and documents:

You must have a valid motorcycle license permitting you to ride the scooter you will be renting from us.

Scooter rentals are not  allowed to persons who have not ridden one before or have had no experience. The driver must have the ability and skills to drive a motorbike.

The licences other than European must be international.

You must present your license at time of delivery.

The minimum age limit is 21 years.

 Please Note: It is the law in Greece with a Drivers Licence Category B you are not allowed to rent a scooter, only an ATV.

According to the Greek law driving licenses to drive motorbike marked as category A on most European licenses.

No bike insurance covers personal injury to the
driver or passenger.

In case of losing:
– the vehicle’s helmet the driver would be charged with 50€
– the vehicle’s key the driver would be charged with 80€
General terms:

One rental day is considered from 9 AM till 9 PM.
The customer is liable for all traffic and parking violations.

Fuel  is not included in the rental fee and must be purchased by the customer.

All insurances are void in the following cases if:
– the driver consumes alcoholic drinks or takes any drugs or hallucinatory substances
– he/she drives against the traffic regulations
– the bike is used for racing, motocross or any other reckless driving
– the bike is driven by a person not authorized on the rental agreement
– the agreed time of return has expired.