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Rental car rates include C.D.W. InsuranceCollision Damage Waiver* (third party liability protection).

If you involve to an accident without your fault, everything is covered.

If you involve to an accident with your fault you pay maximum for damage to the car up to the amount of the excess:

  • For Compact car, A category – maximum charge 700€ 
  • For Medium car / Cabrio / SUV –  maximum charge 1500€

The only persons authorized to drive the vehicle are those included as the main or additional driver in the rental contract.
If you would like to add a driver during your trip, please let us know to include this person in the contract. The new driver must also have a valid driving.

Bear in mind that the insurance (vehicle insurance) will not cover incidents caused by an unauthorized driver.

No. The contract establishes the rental period. If the car is returned before the end of this period, the customer will not be refunded for the days of hire not used.

Driver must be 21+ years old, with driver’s license held for minimum 2 years, for car groups A, B, C and 23+ years old, with 3 years driving license, for all other car groups.
The maximum driver’s age is 73 years.

All drivers must present a valid driver’s EU license or international license (for non-EU drivers) and a valid ID card or passport. 

Rent a car in our office in Ammoudara from one day.

Car rental on the site using the booking system from three days

No deposit is required to book a car except from the period between 01/07 until 15/09 (High season) you can prepayment before the delivery day by bank (we send you our bank details and you make the prepeyment).

It’s not deposit, it’s prepayment!

No, there is no cancellation fee. However, you are required to give at least 2-days prior notice if you wish to cancel your reservation.

In case of a breakdown or an accident you should call to Auto Kosmas (all contact information will be provided the first day of the rental). You should explain the problem to our representative as clearly as possible. Help will be sent to your location as soon as possible. You should remain close to your vehicle until assistance arrives. If there is a problem that cannot be fixed on spot, a replacement vehicle will be provided.

In case of a flat tire during the rental, the replacement of a flat tire with a spare is clearly a responsibility of the renter. If the tire is punctured from neglectful driving or by driving on off track roads or non-asphaltic roads the renter will be charged with the expense of the replacement and repair of the tire. In any other case, the cost of the repair/replacement of the tire will be returned to the renter.
Transporting and driving the car outside the main island of Crete is not allowed.
  1. Driving under the influence of Alcohol or Drugs
  2. Traffic Code violation
  3. RED Light or STOP sign violation
  4. Driving OFF ROAD
  5. Damages to the underparts of the car
  6. Traffic police tickets

NO! The road to Balos has a 10 km off-road section, insurance does not apply on this road. For damage to the car, a surcharge will be charged depending on the injury!

Cars are returned with the same fuel level as when delivered. Usually we deliver the car with at least ¼ fuel in tank.

All fines of which the drivers themselves are guilty are paid solely by the renter.

In the event of a rental extension, you must notify Auto Kosmas as early as possible of your decision. All contact information will be provided by our agents on the day of car pick-up. Notification required at least 24 hours prior to return date.